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Specialized consultancy within software development, data integration and DevOps

UNQTech - Who, What and Why

At UNQTech, we specialize in software development, with a focus on high-quality solutions, the use of new technology, and security.

Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses digitize their business. We do this by developing and transforming existing businesses or business ideas, into customized and tailored digital solutions.

We can develop everything within webshops and websites, with the help of competent and professional web development.

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Our Services

Software development

Software development

We offer the development of domain-specific applications that create value for your business. We also help startup companies with the design and development of MVPs so that they can go from idea to reality.



We can develop your digital infrastructure so that it fits your needs exactly. Good digital infrastructure has several advantages, as a lot of manual processing can be automated. This saves resources and minimizes the chance of human error. Another reason companies invest in DevOps is autoscaling and increased application and data security.

ERP integration

ERP integration

We will integrate our solutions into your existing ERP system. ERP integration makes it easier to share information as well as automate processes across systems, which used to be a manual process.

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