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Unique e-commerce solutions

Complete e-commerce solution with a unique brand feeling

At UNQTech we can offer a tailor-made and complete e-commerce solution - We can of course also optimize your existing e-commerce store

WooCommerce Store

Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin which is set up in WordPress, leading to a user-friendly, affordable and mobile-friendly webshop system.

Almost 30% of all webshops in the world use Woocommerce, and we have control over everything from inventory management, integrations, payment options and shipping.

Your webshop is developed according to you and your customers' needs. We take into account both the target group and competitors, to ensure you the optimal opportunities.

Woocommerce is incredibly flexible and can talk to most systems for easier management and operation.

 SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

Fully SEO optimized webshop, which means that you as a webshop are more easily found by your customers via searches

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

We can help develop a marketing strategy so that their webshop is best exposed on e.g. Facebook, google or LinkedIn

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get an overview of your business via data analysis. We offer both setup and visualization of essential business data

 Security (SSL, WAF)

Security (SSL, WAF)

At UNQTech, security is a cornerstone of the development process. All our systems are tested and validated. We also offer digital advice so you as a company are always secured.



Our solutions are always 100% responsive and optimized for both PC, tablet and mobile



We offer setup of several languages as well as domains (possibly .dk and .com) - this gives to a greater extent the opportunity to sell to international customers!

No cost

No cost

Woocommerce is free, so you have only minimal costs for hosting, payment solution and possibly. freight solutions.



Woocommerce offers a lot of opportunities for upsells such as discount coupons, cross sales, bestsellers, recommendations and much more.



Woocommerce can be integrated with virtually any system, giving you plenty of options.

Automated order flow

Get an automated flow where you can focus on picking and packing without manual interaction. Automated payment gateways (QuickPay, PensoPay, Nets Easy), accounting modules (e-conomic, Dinero, Billy) and much more.


Future-proof, security and quality

Secure e-commerce and quality experiences are our goals when we develop webshops. Your business is central and we strive to create the best framework for conversions.

Automate UNQTech

Simplify your flow with a scanning solution

Get a complete scanning solution so you avoid doing manuel work. Scan the barcode on the pick list after which the order is completed, posted and the shipping label is printed for the package.


Secure hosting

A poorly built infrastructure behind your application can result in unnecessary expenses, downtime, lost data and less revenue due to speed. Properly set up infrastructure gives you lower costs, faster scaling for growth and greater operational security.


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