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Websites and digital solutions

At UNQTech, we develop tailor-made websites and other digital solutions

Custom digital web solutions for individualists, startups and established companies

At UNQTech we can help everything from the individual, the startup or already established companies!

We can help the individual who wants a personal website or development of a business idea, to turn these wishes into reality!

For the start-up, in addition to developing business ideas, we can also offer digital consulting, as well as setting up an efficient digital infrastructure in the company.

For the established company, we can analyze and streamline your manual processes and thus create more value for you. In addition, we can analyze and visualize your digital data e.g. via dashboards

UNQTech development

Contact us - we will find out how we can help

We develop unique and tailored digital solutions, which means that no two solutions are alike. Therefore, contact us with your / your wishes and we will find out together how we can help you in the best possible way.

In addition, we will also be able to provide an estimated price and delivery date.

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At UNQTech we can host your website. We have expertise for both local and cloud hosting and help you with both setup and maintenance.

ERP integration

ERP integration

We will integrate our solutions into your existing ERP system. ERP integration makes it easier to share information as well as automate processes across systems, which used to be a manual process.

Progressive web app (PWA)

Progressive web app (PWA)

We can offer to deliver your website as a PWA. A PWA is a mobile view of your website that is reminiscent of what we know from a traditional mobile app. A PWA is temporarily stored on the device so that you can also use it when you are offline



Our solutions are always 100% responsive and optimized for both PC, tablet and mobile

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Get an overview of your business via data analysis. We offer both setup and visualization of essential business data

 Security (SSL, WAF)

Security (SSL, WAF)

At UNQTech, security is a cornerstone of the development process. All our systems are tested and validated. We also offer digital advice so you as a company are always secured.

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